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Top 10 Local Markets in Lagos State

A Market is a place where buying and selling or exchange of goods and services take place. Lagos is a very large place with so many markets located at different areas. This makes buying and selling easier for people. Some of these markets are specific in the sense that some are for selling essentials, some for provisions, some for production, some for food, some for wears, some for fruits, some for animal protein, some for electrical appliances etc.

Here is a collection of the top ten local market in Lagos.

1. Balogun Market

People residing in Lagos State and other parts of Nigeria come to this market on a daily basis. People who import goods meet in this market with retailers as early as 5 a.m. on specific market dates. Almost everything can be found here. The market has different sections for different goods and services. There is a section for clothing which is different from other sections for accessories, another section for bridal wears etc. There’s a  major Asoebi market for lovers of parties. While balogun market might be very stressful, the market provides you with beautiful choices of desired materials. However, it is important to keep your purses and bags close to you as there are a lot of pickpockets in balogun market.

2. Alaba International Market

This market is a market basically for electronics and matters concerning electronics. It is the largest electronics market in Nigeria. The market also specialises in the repair of home appliances. It is a ground for business activities and gives opportunities to electronics and Electrical Engineers who specialise in the repair of faulty home appliances to transact businesses with dealers of electronics. The market operates on every day of the week except on Sundays and public holidays. This market has attracted new investors and electronic dealers across Africa and has led to the expansion of the market size and population which contributes to the economy of Lagos State.

3. Computer Village

This is a market that serves as a tech hub. It deals basically on information and Communications Technology (ICT) accessories. It also deals in the repair of mobile phones and computers be it hardware or software depending on the nature of the fault. It also connects computer engineers and technicians to people who need their services. The market is accessible to the public every day except on Sundays and public holiday. This Village has attracted so many investors which has also expanded the market and contributed greatly to the Lagos State economy. It is very necessary to be careful in this environment as so many pickpockets are always around. It is also important to go with someone who knows the village so as not to be swindled when transacting business.

4. Jankara Market

This is a big and renowned market in Lagos. It deals majorly with locally-made goods such as trade beads, tie and dye clothing, jewelries pottery, clothings etc. The market is dominated by Igbo traders. It’s spotlight is how affordable and competitive the prices for their goods and services are. Jankara market will leave you a memorable shopping experience.

5. Idumota Market

This market is as old as Lagos State itself. It is one of the best places for wholesale purchase of materials at low prices. The market is subdivided into Oluwole, Oke-Aarin and Idumagbo. Is it possible to shop for a wide range of products in this market. It is a major hub for the distribution of home videos from Nollywood.

6. Epe Fish Market

This is the best and most beautiful place to buy crustaceans and freshwater fish. They sell a wide range of wild game such as alligators, snails and tortoise. Most of the fishes on sale are very much alive and can be seen swimming within a woven basket in ponds spread across the markets. The fishes are usually very big and and the market itself is a favourite spot for chefs who specialise in cooking seafood.

7. Mile 12 Market

Mile 12 market is basically for the sale of food items. It provides affordable perishable food items in bulk to Lagos inhabitants and to Nigerians as a whole, including people who specialise in food importation. The market is about 30 years old. Items such as fruits, yams, tomatoes, vegetables, peppers, yam flour and oils can be found here. Some non edible items can also be found here.

8. Aswani Market

This market is specially for the sale of fairly used items. A number of people visit this market to buy these items at ridiculous low prices. People also sell new clothings, hand bags, shoes, underwear and even foodstuffs in this market. You can also sell your damaged home and electrical appliances at Aswani market or choose to fix it for a very low price. The market is open everyday of the week with mondays specifically for marketing shoes and bags.

9. Ladipo Market

This market is also known as Ladipo Auto Spare Parts Market. It is the biggest auto spare part market in Lagos State. It is open every day except on Sundays. It is a major hub for mechanics, car owners and those who wish to buy or sell fairly used cars, spare parts or phones. This market has also been a home to political campaigns and social awareness due to the mass population of people in the market.

10. Ebute Ero Market

It is located in Ebute Ero town in Lagos. It is one of the oldest and largest markets in Nigeria. It is a crowded market which specialises in the sales of different kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as wines, champagne ports, spirits etc. It is home to any kind of drink of interest.

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