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Ten Natural Wonders in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country is blessed with so many inspiring natural wonders. These wonders have been in existence before now and are still in existence even after so many years. They are regarded as jewels of the Nation. Below are a number of natural wonders found in Nigeria

1. Zuma Rock, Niger State

Zuma Rock is a great monolith that measures 725 metres above its surrounding area. It is a figure that is on Nigeria’s hundred Naira bill. On this rock, there is a distinct natural contour of the human face which has eyes nose and mouth. This can be seen on one side of the Rock. The Rock is located along Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, Niger State. It is a known tourist attraction Centre and has a lot of myths attached to it.

2. Ikogosi Warm and Cold Springs, Ekiti State

The Ikogosi warm and cold water spring is located in a Valley in Ekiti West Local Government Area of Ekiti State. The warm water and cold water flow from different sources side-by-side but retain their thermal identity. This spring is believed to have the capacity to heal people from diseases such as guinea-worm and rheumatism. This spring has many recreational facilities attached to it; they include warm water swimming pool, a 1000 City section building a beautiful garden and an art and craft centre.

3. River Niger and River Benue Confluence, Kogi State

River Niger and River Benue are the two largest rivers in West Africa. The river Benue has a greenish colour while River Niger is brownish in colour. The two rivers meet at Lokoja and form a Y-shape structure after which they flow into the Atlantic river. This view is seen easily from an aircraft or chopper. However, boat services and other forms of cruises are available within the environment to be able to see the awesomeness of the confluence.

4. Wikki Warm Spring, Bauchi State

This beautiful spring can be found in Yankari National Park in Bauchi State. It is warm in nature and offers some form of relaxation and an environment to unwind with nature. This spring is 1.9 metres deep and 30 metres wide. The temperature has always been constant at 31 degrees centigrade. The water gushes out from a string of Chambers under a sandstone Cliff but the actual source of this water is yet to be known till today.

5. Agbokim Waterfall, Cross River State

Agbokim waterfall is located in Etung Local Government Area, Cross River State. It is surrounded by a very wide variety of flora and fauna, green vegetation, valley and steep hills. The waterfall holds a total of 7 cascades rushing over a cliff and creates a 7 part waterfall. In the raining season, the waterfall is usually at full bloom. During this period, it produces a very beautiful blend of rainbow colours which makes the view very magical.

6. Ogba Ukwu Waterfall and Cave, Anambra State

This cave is the largest cave in West Africa. It takes a minimum of two to three hours to totally explore the cave. It has unique and roomy compartments which all together can accommodate an entire Village. This cave is about to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in Nigeria. It also has a magnificent waterfall and a massive dome attached to it.

7. Riyom Rock, Plateau State

The Riyom rock is located in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau state. It is a great wonder to behold. The giant rock boulders carefully balanced on top of each other. It has been in this state for thousands of years and has remained so till now. When viewed from a particular angle, the Riyom rock gives the shape of the map of plateau state.

8. Farin Ruwa Falls, Nasarawa State

The waterfall is located in Wamba Local Government Area of Nasarawa state. It has a height of 150 metres and a wideness of 50 metres. The water is very white in colour which accounts for the name ‘Farin Ruwa’ which in Hausa language means White Water. However the Nasarawa state government is building a resort at Farin Ruwa waterfalls. This result will have a golf course Charlotte amusement park and hotel complex for accommodation.

9. Ado-Awaye Suspended Lake, Oyo State

Ado-Awaye Lake is one of the only two suspended lakes in the world.The lake is surrounded by untampered natural biodiversity. The lake is suspended on one of the crest of a rock commonly referred to as the sleeping lion. It’s a serene environment suitable for solitude.

10. Obudu Holy Mountain, Cross River State

Some people refer to Obudu Holy Mountain as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The Obudu Holy Mountain is about 5200 feet above sea level with a temperate climate of 15 centigrade. The pictures of these mountains leave people in a breathtaking state. It is a must-see environment.

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