Religious Places to Worship in Lagos

Religion can be defined as a system which shapes and restructures individuals or community practices, beliefs, world standards, moral standards, prophecies, ethics and anything pertaining to humanity. It is based on the belief of a supernatural power, spiritual elements or spiritual being that has a say in human existence. In Nigeria, there are 2 major types of religions namely Christianity and Islam. African Traditional Religion (ATR) is another religion being practiced In Nigeria but not as much as Christianity and Islam. ATR have festivals and events which they celebrate but no specific place where they meet to worship. However, there are shrines and spiritual homes open to the public. Below are different places of worship based on the religion practiced as an individual in Lagos.

A. Christianity

This religion is based on the personality and teachings of Jesus Christ. Followers of Christianity are called Christians. People practice His beliefs and practices as written and directed in the Bible. There are different places you can worship in Lagos as a Christian such as:

1. Roman Catholic Church

The Catholic church can be found in different places in Lagos. They have different locations and they’re usually set parish by parish with a headquarters. The Catholics believe in honouring Mary as mother of Jesus. The Catholics are also known for having the best of Choirs in christendom and are known for their consistent and soft use of percussion instruments for songs either in English or any Nigerian language. This gives you a feel of African music during worship.

2. Anglican Churches

This is the third largest Christian congregation after the Catholic Church. They have a solemn form of worship with hymns being sung regularly. Most of these churches are in a cathedral which improves the quality of Music and preaching. Lagos has a number of Anglican churches around which are accommodating to new members. You can identify one and worship with one.

3. Protestant Churches

These are churches that do not adhere to the practices of the orthodox churches or Catholic churches. Some examples of protestant churches are:

i. Methodist church

The different branches of Methodist churches you can worship with in Lagos. These churches derive their doctrines and practices from the life and teachings of John Wesley. These churches focus on sanctification and how faith can be transformed and have great effects in the lives of Christians.

ii. Baptist Churches

This congregation strongly believes in baptizing Christian believers only by immersion. Baptist churches are located in strategic places in Lagos. If you have the same belief with the Baptist Church, you can easily find one and blend with.

4. Pentecostal Churches

Pentecostal churches are of different kinds and types in Lagos. They are the most rampant in Lagos and also the most controversial. They are usually individual owned and have their own principles in the way they practice Christianity. They are usually  louder than other forms of Christianity. Pentecostal churches are easily located in Lagos and can be found basically Street by street.

B. Islam

The word Islam itself means submission to the will of God. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. They believe in Allah and complete submission to Allah. There are two types of Muslims in Nigeria – Shia Muslim and Sunni Muslim. Shia Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad should be succeeded by Ali (Prophet Muhammad’s cousin and Son in law) while Sunni Islam believe he should have been succeeded by Abu Bakr (Prophet Muhammad’s closest companion). The Sunni Muslim however has the largest followers all over the world (about 90%). Muslims pray in a mosque. They have different locations of mosques in Lagos. Some are central mosques, some are found in homes. Muslims welcome one another to pray and usually come together for prayers on Fridays.

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