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10 Lagos Street snacks worth trying

Whether you are someone who is hungry on busy a day or a foodie looking for some adventure Lagos has varieties delicious Street snacks that are worth trying and affordable.

Perhaps you have had the opportunity to visit other cities but nothing can beat the variety of street snacks available in Lagos.

Here are some delicious street snacks you will easily find in Lagos.


Is a very delicious snack that is readily available in almost every part of Lagos , it is a combination of roasted plantain and groundnuts or fish. While some people prefer to take the roasted plantain with groundnuts , others prefer it with fish but both ways are equally delicious and healthy.

Bole is also very satisfying and affordable hence a perfect snack when a little hungry or in need of some delicious treat


Akara is a bean Cake comprising mainly of blended beans. Other ingredients are Incorporated into the beans before it is fried.

It is common to perceive the inviting aroma of this special snack in the morning as it is being prepared by women in various locations. Akara should be taken hot and may be combined with fried yam.

The special snack is taken by a lot of Lagosians as a breakfast meal, but it is also perfect for a healthy tasty snack and is usually wrapped in old newspaper.


Debino are dried date fruits which are cultivated in some nothern states of Nigeria like , Jigawa, bauchi , Kano etc You will find it sold on the streets of Lagos. These dried date fruit is liked not only by Northerners but it’s also generally liked by other people.

If you like chewy snacks or you are simply a sweet tooth person you will enjoy eating debino.

4. Roasted Corn

Roasted corn is readily available when it is in season.It is made by roasting freshly harvested corn.

This seasonal snack can be eaten with pear or avocado fruit.

5.puff puff

Puff-puff is a popular Nigerian snack sold around Lagos and loved by both young and old. It is made of flour , yeast and sugar predominantly but other ingredients may be added to enhance it’s taste and quality.

6. Kilishi

It is made out of deboned cow, sheep or goat meat and groundnut paste. It is originally Hausa snack but now sold across Nigeria especially Lagos.

The making of kilishi takes a long process but the outcome always taste good and can last for months.

7. Suya

Where is simply grilled meat but specially made in a way that makes it stand out and loved by many.This is a snack you should try out when visiting Lagos.

It is grilled with special spices and following a unique recipe that makes it incredibly delicious .What makes suya really different from other grilled meat is it procedure of preparation as well as the ingredients used to Spice it.

8. Egg rolls

This is a very special Street snack in Lagos usually served hot. It is made of flour but unlike regular buns is has a whole egg on the inside.

9. Chin Chin

Chin chin is a sweet deep fried crunchy snack. It is usually served in special occasions like weddings and also during festive seasons such as Christmas, sallah and other special seasons. which originated from Nigeria is sold as a common scack in Lagos as well. Lagos chin chin is crunchy, delicious and definitely worth the try.

10. Plantain Chips

Originally only unripe plantains were used to make crunchy plantain chips but currently riped plantains are also sliced in small pieces and deep fried packaged in nylon bags and sold.

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