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Lagos This Morning

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How to have an interesting social life  on a budget in Lagos, Nigeria

Life can get so busy  that while you try to look for your daily source of livelihood ,work towards increasing your  output at work,...

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Slangs you need to know to survive in Lagos

Slangs are words and phrases that are informal and  are  commonly used while speaking, Slangs are usually  common  to a particular group of people. In...

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Afrobeat versus  Afrobeats and  Nigerian Music Today

It is almost impossible to talk about music in  Nigeria without mentioning the popular  afrobeat genre. Afrobeat is a genre of music which combines...

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Religious Places to Worship in Lagos

Religion can be defined as a system which shapes and restructures individuals or community practices, beliefs, world standards, moral standards, prophecies, ethics and anything...

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