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Lagos is popular for it’s lively nature and being a land of numerous opportunities. Lagos State was originally created on May 27 1967, The name Lagos is actually a Portuguese word meaning lakes or Lagoon . Lagos has been a Yoruba port, a British political centre and Nigeria’s capital until 1991 when it stopped being the capital of the country. There are many facts about Lagos that people do not really know. Here are some interesting facts about Lagos;

The longest bridge in Africa is in Lagos

The third mainland bridge is located in Lagos. It was the longest bridge in Africa until the year 1996 when the bridge in Cairo was created, making it the second longest bridge in Africa. The bridge, constructed by Julius Berger PLC in 1996,  was inaugurated by former President Ibrahim Babangida. Third mainland bridge is about 10.5 Km long.

It is the headquarters of entertainment industry in Africa

Lagos is home of Nigerian entertainment industry, which is the biggest in Africa. Nigerian music is popular world wide. Most of Nigerian music stars live and make their music in Lagos. Nollywood headquarters in Lagos State. and most of the scenes in Nigerian movies are acted within Lagos. Nigerian entertainment industry keeps growing daily and has the potential to be much greater than it is currently.

Lagos has the highest population size in Nigeria

This is because people are always trooping to Lagos in search of social and economic opportunities, for tourism and for many other  interesting reasons.  Despite the fact that Lagos is having an increase of population on daily basis, there’s still room for more people to come to Lagos and thrive here.

The tallest building in Nigeria is found in Lagos

Lagos State has always been known to be one city in Nigeria that has a lot of tall buildings. NECOM house is the tallest building in Nigeria building is about 52O feet tall. It is a 32-story building which was completed in 1979.

It is usually said that Lagos city is a city that floats on water, It is not surprising however the city was named Lagos meaning lake.

One of the largest floating city of world Makoko is found in Lagos, Makoko is a settlement which is Informal , It is located on the coast of the Mainland ,across the 3rd Mainland Bridge located on the coast of mainland Lagos. Most of the community is built on stilts along the lagoon while others are on land. Some people have to travel on water to go from one place to another pending on the location I headed towards.

Lagos State is the smallest city in Nigeria

This is an interesting fact because considering the large number of people living and the increasing number of people who are coming to town for various purposes, Lagos state is still smaller in size compared to every other State in Nigeria with a size of only 3,345 square kilometers.

Lagos Controls the highest percentage of exports in the country.

Lagos State has seaports and economic activities are always on the go, most exports happened in Lagos as it controls about 80% of the exports that take place in Nigeria.

Lagos is one of the fastest growing state in the world

Lagos State keeps developing and improving at a fast pace this makes it one of the fastest-growing states in the world. There is always a significant improvement in terms of infrastructure and the economic activities.

Lagos keeps setting the pace for all the states in the country, the rate at which it develops is marveling. Unlike other states in Nigeria who are mainly dependent on oil revenues Lagos City economy is diversified to construction, manufacturing, service, wholesale, retail and transport sectors.

Lagos is leading in GDP, it has the fourth highest GDP in Africa , it is the home 2 the largest seaport in Africa.Currently Lagos is a major financial centre for Africa.

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