How to have an interesting social life  on a budget in Lagos, Nigeria

Life can get so busy  that while you try to look for your daily source of livelihood ,work towards increasing your  output at work, increase  sales in your business or strive to do better in your academic pursuit it can get to a point where  you get caught up in the daily routine of working towards your goal  that you barely have time for your social life. This ought not to be because life is better of when you can stop to smell the roses. You may be wondering how you can achieve a fun social life in a city like Lagos without adequate income ,it is absolutely possible to have a great social life in Lagos on a budget.

The main  reason people fail to socialize  is as a result of fear of being unable to afford a bubbling social life or the assumption that they will go bankrupt if they attempt to have fun. It   is true that money answers all things and there is great  need for  money in  order to  have fun but there are cases where you could actually have a great work life balance without breaking the bank.

You can definitely have an interesting  social life in Lagos and at the same time your work doesn’t suffer and most importantly your pocket will not suffer.

There are few ways to actually have a fun social life in Lagos at an affordable rate

  1. Take advantage of Street snacks

     Whether you are a foodie or not, going out to taste the various street snacks  in  the beautiful city of Lagos can be a very  exciting experience. The variety of mouth watering snacks on the streets of Lagos makes it even more interesting because apart from these snacks being readily available it is very affordable and tasty. So next weekend plan to go on a snack tasting outing either alone or with a friend.

A street snacks tasting adventure will be allow you  to  interact with the snack sellers  and at the same time you present you an opportunity   to taste variety of street snacks  like Bole , kilishi , roasted corn, Akara , and so much more  at very affordable prices.

  • Do not let your Sunday go to waste

Lagos is popularly known for  traffic  specially on weekdays and sometimes on Saturdays as well but it is very common to find that on Sundays  traffic is a little less than other days because most people like to stay indoors on this day to rest and re-energize for the usual  hustle of Monday to Friday or even to Saturday in some cases.

You should not miss out a chance to hang out on Sunday because there’s less traffic there making it  easier to move around town without being stressed out or delayed  by traffic secondly you get to have fun and this will help keep you in the right frame of mind and right mood  for the following week. It will even be more affordable  and interesting if you choose to use public transport  like the danfo instead of an Uber

  • Network alot

In Lagos networking is very important. A You cannot afford  to  neglect this important aspect. You  network,  mingle and get to know people. You cannot  be a lone ranger in a place like Lagos. Networking helps you to gain access to privilege information and sometimes even getting access to events that on a normal  day he wouldn’t be invited to . It is  very important to get to know people , get to socialize and  to interact with people and this  you can start from your workplace you never know who knows who and who is connected to who. Of a truth your network is your net worth.

  • Be deliberate about attending parties

Sometimes you have to be on the look out for parties Lagos. the place where always an event or party and you have to pay attention to be able to get the right information. Start by  Attending weddings of your colleagues at work or your business associates this will entail not turning down invitations to parties birthdays and all of that however you should also be very careful and deliberate so that you do not spend all your earnings on Asoebi.

  • Avoid the temptation to go out on public holidays

Sometimes during public holidays it may  be better  for you if you just stay home and watch a nice movie and just relax. Lagos can get unusually expensive during festive seasons. The prices of services in some of this some interesting parks may be a little more expensive and the fun places may be crowded particularly because of the festivity. Having this knowledge will save you a lot so as not to end up spending more than you would have on a regular weekend.

  • Spend a night or two at friend’s place

  A sleepover is not a bad idea. You may not have sufficient fund to pay for a vacation at a resort  but you could change location from your regular bed and couch and neighborhood to your friend house this could be really fun because you will get to  spend time with your friend and also have a lot of fun.a lot of times a change of environment helps refresh the mind . So consider a sleepover at a friend’s place for a change.

  • Do not miss out on free Events

Know that not all events require that you pay money some events might actually be free. Therefore pay  attention to flyers and invites to such events so that you won’t miss out.

  • Organize picnics with  friends

A picnic at the park by the beach or  somewhere serene around your house with a group of friends is achievable and absolutely affordable. The best part about having a picnic is that you get to spend less because everyone actually brings something to share this makes everyone present to have a taste of variety without having to spend so much. You also get to play fun games board games, card games crack jokes and  have a good laugh without spending much.

  • Window shop

You can check out places like  the numerous Art  galleries  in Lagos , Lekki market or are the local markets to  just window shop find out the prices of things have a good look at beautiful and  creative  crafta and if you’re someone that loves pictures having this outing documented by  taking pictures  of  some of the products on sale can be a great experience especially when it comes to the artistic goods and crafts.

  1.  Go on group tours

      There are several parks , the national  conservation Centre, so many beaches and the museum. There are  a lot of places that you can visit . Consider going  on group tours round the city of Lagos to see   popular landmarks , beautiful buildings in Lagos, museum, galleries in Lagos, You can pick one place at a time and  save cost. Another reason to experience the sightseeing with a group of people is that you will have the option of sharing the cost of transportation and some other expenses and most importantly  the  group tour will allow you to learn from different perspectives  on the places visited and allow you to interact with people under a  friendly atmosphere. Group tours in Lagos are  very exciting informative ,memorable and affordable.

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