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Nigeria’s Top 10 Must Taste Cuisines

Nigeria is rich in natural resources, cultures and population. What u probably haven’t thought about is the richness in Nigeria’s traditional cuisines both in taste and nutrition. Let me take you briefly through our top 10 must taste cuisines

  1. Jollof Rice

This has to be the most popular Nigerian meal on the internet. No one gets enough of it. It is simply prepared with tomatoes, onions, peppers and other spices. It can be eaten with salads, proteins (such as beef, pork or chicken) and even ebans. It is a very good source of carbohydrate. This meal is also eaten in various parts of Africa

  • Pounded Yam

Often referred to the king of swallows, it can be taken with various soups such as Egusi, Efo riro (vegetable soup), Ogbono, Afang soup, white soup etc. it is consumed mostly in the Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria. It is simply made with Yam. To prepare pounded yam, the desired quantity of yam is peeled, cut into large pieces and brought to boil. It is then pounded with a pastel and mortar or with a device used for pounding. The pounding ends when the yam is turned into a soft mesh.

  • Nkwobi

This is a meal prepared from cow head and legs, utazi leaves and palm oil. It is consumed mostly by the western part of Nigeria; the Igbos to be precise. This meal is often eaten as a dessert. It is best taken with palm wine which is said to be the best drink to bring your taste buds to the awesome taste of nkwobi.

  • Ewa Agoyin

This meal is consumed mostly in the western part of Nigeria. The Yoruba community eat this with pepper sauce often accompanied with bread or fried plantain. it is made from mashed beans while the pepper sauce is made with peppers, onion, little tomatoes and some other spices.

  • Masa

Masa is one of the favorite meals emanating from the northern part of Nigeria. It is made from blended cooked local rice, sugar, yeast, baking powder and vegetable oil. It is best consumed with the northern pepper known as Yaji or with Yakuwa soup. It is aperfect meal for breakfast.

  • Abacha and Ugba

This meal is also common to the Igbos. It is also known as African Salad. It is made from cassava flakes which are usually cooked before being sun dried or oven dried. The dried cassava flakes are then used to make Abacha. Ugba  (Oil bean seed) and some vegetables are used to finish up the meal. It is best eaten with fried fish and ponmo.

  • Amala, Ewedu and Gbegiri

This meal is peculiar to the yorubas. There are two kinds of amala: white amala made with cassava flour and black amala made from dried yam. Both are enjoyed with different soups although ewedu (Jute mallow) is the complete package of the amala meal. Jute mallow can be bought from the market, prepared, cooked, beaten on fire till it becomes slimy. Other condiments are added to give it a rich taste. The gbegiri is made from beans. This soup is best accompanied with cow skin or goat meat. It is a balanced diet.

  • Burabisco

This is a traditionally made coucous meal common to the northen part of Nigeria; particularly Maiduguri. It is usually garnished with spiced meat and vegetables. It is considered a luxurious meal in the north.

  • Moi Moi

Moi moi also known as beans pudding is a meal that has earned a sitting as one of the tastiest meals in Nigeria. It is made with beans. The beans is sorted to remove unwanted materials, washed, back removed, blended with pepper and Onions and brought to cook. It can be cooked in tins, leaves or nylons. Moi moi can be taken as a full meal as moi moi and pap, moi moi and stew, moi moi and oaths. It can also be used as a support meal e.g rice and moi moi. It is eaten across Nigeria.

  1. 10.                   Beans and Fried Plantain

Your visit to Nigeria can’t be complete without a taste of this meal. Beans is a staple food in Nigeria hence, its easy accessibility. It is made into a porridge form, garnished with fish and other African condiments to give the food a rich taste. Plantain however is fried with or without salt according to desired taste.

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