Different Categories of Groups Worth Joining in Lagos

Humans are social beings. Lagos is a place that can get very busy to the extent that one can forget to have a life. This can be caused by work, business transactions, buying and selling of materials for everyday life, transportation and the distance from one place to another being lengthened because of traffic. There are different categories of groups one can join to have a sense of belonging in Lagos. These groups serve different purposes. All that is to be done is to identify a group that meets your interest, join and get started in meeting and interacting with people of same interest.

Below are different categories you can consider joining. There is no rule that states you can only be in one group. However, it is better to identify with a minimum number of groups in order to be able to stay focused career wise and everyday life; including family life.

1. Business groups

They’re different business groups in Lagos. There are groups that are for people who are entrepreneurs, groups for people who sell or buy the same types of products or category of products, groups that are always seeking for the next thing to invest and groups that are for people who wish to develop themselves in certain skills of business. If one wishes to have a business understanding, it is important to identify with one of such groups.

2. Sports groups

There are different kinds of sports groups in Lagos. There are groups for martial arts, soccer, volleyball, chess, swimming etc. Some of these groups are not necessarily for professional players only. You can join any sort of sports that  interests you to either gain the skills at the sport or as an avenue of keeping fit while having fun.

3. Musical Groups

Music is life. Lagos has music booming in almost every corner. There is almost no kind of music you will need that can’t be found in Lagos. There are different musical groups such as classical music groups, RnB bands, jazz bands, Rock bands, high life bands etc. If you are musically inclined either by playing a musical instrument or having a very good voice, it is good to associate with these groups. This will expose you to more opportunities that music has to offer, improve your skills and even create fame. This can eventually be monetized and serve as a different source of income.

4. Religious Groups

Religion is a thing that brings people together. There are basically three types of religion in Nigeria which includes Christianity Islam and traditional worship. There are also other religions in Nigeria. It is a great thing to identify with people of the same belief so as to sharpen each other and encourage the proper practice of the religion.

5. Charity Groups

The world; Nigeria inclusive is in need of charitable acts. Lagos is made up of different kinds of people such as the poor families, orphans, motherless and fatherless children etc. There are charity organisations who are always looking for members and sponsors to help the life of some people within Lagos. You can choose to identify with the group and help with resources for charity or you can be among the people who execute this charitable act. This is a way of being a source of happiness for another person. This is one of the essence of humanity.

6. Tribal groups

Due to the diversity of different cultures that dwell within Lagos, Lagos has been regarded over time as a no man’s land. There are so many people from different tribes and cultures that are living in Lagos. Some of these groups have their state associations within Lagos. Joining one that has to do with your state helps you to come closer to your people and to keep in touch with your culture. Most of the time in these groups, there are different activities that have been planned and are being executed. It gives you a sense of belonging among your people and stay updated with your cultures and traditions.

7. Political Parties

Political parties are open for membership for people of different age,gender and culture. If you have a flair for politics or intend to join politics, it is advisable for you to join a political group and start growing in the process. This will help you with the different experience you need and also creates an avenue for meeting with the right people to help you to achieve your dreams.

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Written by Bols Jacobs

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