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Fun Ideas for Friends Hangout in Lagos

There is a saying that goes ‘a day well spent is a day spent with friends’. The time we spend with our friends is priceless and most of the time, memorable. Friends are those people which you hardly have a boring or dull moment with. It is also believed that time spent with friends brings relief from the pressures of life and uplift the spirit. The holidays and weekends are best spent with friends rather than staying alone. Lagos can be very tiring as one place is far from another coupled with the traffic one has to face. However, times with friends can be planned and enjoyed to the fullest. Below are ideas on how you can have the best of weekends or holidays with your friends.

1. Sleep Out

Sleep out is sleeping anywhere that is not your home with comfort and security assured. It can be done in the house of friends or in hotels. This gives you the ability to connect and catch up with one another without work and distance being a barrier. A lot of activities can be planned to make the slip out interesting such as relationship talks, life matters, movies and even games. You can decide to order for food or cook your meals depending on what interests you. You can also have different assorted wine present to make the moment interesting.

2. Eats out

Lagos has a lot of fanciful and beautiful restaurants and bars that make delicious drinks, continental and local dishes at affordable prices. For the eat out, you can choose to go to a restaurant or go to a bar. You can decide to make your eating out very entertaining by involving yourself in business talks, catching up with sports and even playing games like the phone basket game where all the friends keep their phones in the basket and whichever phone rings first will be the one to pay for the friends outing. Alternatively, you can have the option of the host or hostess choosing the phone and the owner will pay.

3. Go for a Karaoke

Karaoke bars can be found in various angles of Lagos. Karaokes are a very entertaining and relaxing way of getting into a happier mood through the use of music. You can get a karaoke song of your favourite song for your sing along. During the karaoke people sing along to a song using a microphone with the lyrics displayed over a screen for everybody to see. The lyrics change colour as the singer sings in order to guide the singer. This can be done over drinks and small consumables like chops and Suya.

4. Explore the Arcades

There are arcades that have different kind of games and virtual realities in Lagos State. Games have a way of exercising the brain while being in a fun competition with a friend. You can find different kinds of games in arcades such as carnival games, merchandiser games, pinball machines, redemption games, sport games, photo booths, slot machines, Pachinko, arcade video games and electro-mechanical games. These games can be enjoyed by men, women and children.

5. Casinos

For people who like gambling casinos are a place for a fun night out. Winning is not assured but it is rather a possibility. There are about four standard casinos in Lagos. Usually, there are hotels and resorts around the casino which can be used as a place to cool off after a session of gambling. There are also restaurants within the casino and bars to have a cool drink. Casinos in Lagos are known for hosting live events such as stand-up comedy, sports and even concerts.

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