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What To Know To Tour Lagos State, Nigeria

Everybody needs a tour to get to know about certain places, their lifestyles, their cultural beliefs and various forms of their customs and traditions. Lagos is a very big and busy city surrounded with land and different forms of water. It is a place that has attracted a lot of tourists due to different kinds of tourist centres that are bound within its land. Should you find yourself within the city of Lagos, below are some ideas for places you can visit to have a feel of the life of Lagos.

1. Parks: Lagos is filled with different kinds of parks. There are parks that are open from morning to evening and there are those that are open basically in the evenings. Most of these parks are more active at night. Within the park are different spots for drinks, for roasted fish, and for roasted chicken. Some of these spots offer an open dance floor while some have an enclosed environment that can pass for a club. The park is a great place to meet people who are of different orientations. Some parks also have VIP sections while some offer same services openly. You can choose to stay at the silent part of park or to be where the life and all the noise is. Parks in Lagos are always fun.

2. Clubs: Lagos is known to hold a number of Nigeria’s best clubs. Within the club are different kinds of people who are there for different purposes. People meet at the club for the purpose of dancing, some for drinking, some for connecting, and some for business meetings. Some people purposely go to the club to unwind after the days hustling. The clubs are most active during the weekends especially on Fridays as to the ‘thank God it’s Friday’ mood.

3. Cinemas: Movies are a way to relax the mind after being stressed. It is a form of entertainment that exercises the brain and exposes you to comfort. It can also be a form of education. There are so many cinemas in Lagos; about 17 standard cinemas. The cinemas  show up-to-date movies from Nollywood, Gollywood and even Hollywood. Within the cinema environments are also eatables such as drinks, popcorn, samosa, spring roll, meat pies etc. They can be purchased at an affordable price and consumed while watching the movie for the best cinema experience.

4. Museums: Lagos is known to hold about 10 beautiful museums which have served as Learning Centres and tourist attraction for the state. These museums are open to the public for visit every day of the week and anytime of the week usually between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. These museums often have curators who tell stories about setting artefacts in the museum or give the ideas or inspiration behind act materials within the galleries. Museums hold a lot of unwritten history and knowledge. It is important to visit a museum to have knowledge that was not placed on the shelf.

5.  Sport Centres: According to the Lagos State sports commission, there are 13 sporting facilities within the state. Different sports are played at these facilities such as basketball, cycling, golf, taekwondo, badminton, wrestling, football, table tennis, Scrabble, boxing, volleyball, handball, athletics etc.

6. Hotels Lagos has over 100 hotels. These hotels are budget friendly to every category of financial base. There are different 5-star, 4 star and 3 star hotels confined within the state of Lagos. These hotels have exciting facilities such as bars, restaurants, clubs, swimming pools, standard room with large comfortable beds, gymnasium conference halls, free WiFi etc. Some of these hotels have special programs planned out in the evenings to entertain their guests. They provide other services to make your stay within the hotel very comfortable such as laundry, valet parking room service and any other service made known by the hotel management.

7. Shopping Malls: There are different kinds of shopping malls one can visit in Lagos. Some of these malls are specific for what they sell while some are all combining. These urban markets provide items that are not easily found in the local markets. Most of these items are imported and are the original items of the  brands which saves you the possibility of purchasing an adulterated item in the local market.

8. Religious Worship Environments: Lagos houses different religious worship centres for Christians Muslims and even traditional worship and other religions that are within the country. All you have to do is to locate one and visit to have an idea of how the religious system in that environment operates.

9. Tertiary Institutions: There are about five tertiary institutions in Lagos State. They include universities and College of Education. The Lagos State tertiary institutions are known for they’re beautiful architectural structure and well-equipped departments. Visiting the school environment can help you get familiar with tertiary institutions within Lagos and also to meet with people.

10. Karaoke centres: music connects people from different tribes and cultures. Karaoke centres are found in various places in Lagos State  and is a nice place to have fun with Lagosians.

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