Afrobeat versus  Afrobeats and  Nigerian Music Today

It is almost impossible to talk about music in  Nigeria without mentioning the popular  afrobeat genre. Afrobeat is a genre of music which combines elements of west African style of music together with highlife and American jazz. The music has a unique style that involves  chanting vocals, it has percussion  and Rhythm.

Afrobeat originated  from Ghana in the year 1920 But it was  in 1959  that it  began in Nigeria,  Precisely southern Nigeria. The  genre of music  started back in the 1960s and continued to develop between the 60s and 70s. The  Afrobeat music is largely  influenced  by  a mixture of highlife, African jazz and Fuji music.

There  are Nigerian musicians widely known for  Afrobeat  but   it originally began  through Fela  kuti  who was a band leader and instrumentalist and Tony Allen who was a drummer songwriter and primary co-founder of Afrobeat.They  came up with Afrobeat and because of  Fela Kuti an the music gained popularity both nationally and internationally.

Afrobeat versus Afrobeats

Despite the fact that Afrobeat and Afrobeats look similar and are sometimes erroneously used interchangeably, they are entirely different, afrobeat is genre of music that has been clearly defined while Afrobeats  is a term used to describe  contemporary west African pop music. Afrobeats  us  also known as Afro-pop  and Afro-fusion.

Another  difference  between Afrobeat  and Afrobeats   is that  the Afrobeat without the    “s”  was the genre  of music used by Fela  Kuti to speak up against ills in the society and to particularly criticize politics. Afrobeats on the other hand does not focus on such topics as a matter of fact such topics are usually avoided.

There are many artists today who are known for Afrobeats. Some of them are;

Tiwa Savage a female musician who is doing so well and l is the leading  female afrobeats, this music has gained much  recognition and made her win awards.

Davido who has  gained popularity overtime and has also won best international  act award BET awards in 2018 and other awards, He has also been  nominated for various awards including the  2021 Grammys

Wizkid  whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is also a a Nigerian artist who is known all over the world for his music and that’s when I words as a result of his musical achievements he is one of the most decorated Afrobeats  artist.

Burna  boy whose real name is  Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu also known for his  unique style of music and  use of Afrobeats have  since gained  global recognition. a Grammy for his outstanding music. With nominations at the Grammys. He won the award for Best World Music Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Nigeria Afrobeat versus Afrobeats

Long before Afrobeats they have been Afrobeat which has been existing for over 50 present day Nigeria music Afrobeats have become more popular it is a recent genre so has fused together hip-hop and R&B, this type of music has grown popular in clubs and European countries particularly in the UK.

 Afrobeat music usually have  messages which were targeted at the government, the citizens, the nation and political criticism, Today few songs songs convey messages that are targeted at addressing a problem in society and this type of music  are more  likely to fizzle out with time unlike actual Afrobeat songs if old  having messages which can be related to even in the present day. This truth  however erase the fact that the music  by a Nigerian artist which have the unique African flavor , danceable rhythm and  percussion and even the style of singing has made in Nigerian musicians recognized worldwide.

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Written by Bols Jacobs

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