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What to do in Lagos, Nigeria

‘Welcome to Lagos’ is what you ought to see but instead you will see ‘This is Lagos’ depending on the route of road transportation access to Lagos. This is to inform you that Lagos is not like any other state. Lagos is a world on its own. It is easily accessed by road, by air or even by water transportation. Lagos is one of the busiest states in Nigeria. It is a state filled with hustling and bustling. It is very populated and filled with so many activities and different forms of businesses. Lagos however, is home to a lot of tourist environments not forgetting relaxation centres. If you’re based in Lagos or happen to find yourself in Lagos, below are a list of things you should do in Lagos to maximize your stay or visit in Lagos. Unless you are an extreme introvert Lagos can never be boring.

1. Visit the Beaches

Being in Lagos and not visiting at least one beach in Lagos is almost a waste of Lagos visit. Lagos is blessed with so many beaches amongst which some have been ranked as famous beaches in Nigeria and beautiful beaches in Nigeria. Visit a beach and have a feel of Lagos water on your skin. Also, there are so many side attractions on the beaches and can accommodate quite a number of people for different purposes.

2. Explore the Night Activities in Lagos

The beauty of Lagos can easily be seen at 9 to stop you can spice up your life at night by just partaking in the nightlife activities in Lagos. This however is restricted to the weekends most of the time. At night, people go to nightclubs, bars and other spots for relaxation. Also, this is the moment people get to make important connections that can be of value to their businesses, personal lives or career pursuits. It’s a wonderful way to meet with new people.

3. Go Scuba Diving

To enjoy this, you have to be a certified diver or one who is an expert in the sport. If you know your way around the waters, you will have the  opportunity to see more beautiful aquatic and scenery life. All you have to do to join a scuba diving group to enjoy this.

4. Attend a Lagos Owambe Party

Lagos Owambe party can constitute of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, burials, remembrances, naming ceremonies etc. Banky W was right when he said ‘ain’t no party like a Lagos party’. In a standard Lagos or Owambe party, you get to see people well dressed in traditional and matching attires with or without headgear. There is always an abundance of food, drinks and meat. Also, there is inclusion of traditional music and/or modern R&B music. People often spray lots of money while dancing in merriment.

5. Visit a Comedy Club

There are so many comedy clubs in Lagos. Laughter they say is good medicine. After a busy day from work or a business meeting or a tour, it is going to be an amazing idea to round up the activities with a good laugh. Laughter helps you to relax, relieves the brain of stress, boost immune system, burns calories and even protects the heart. Lagos comedy centres have proven to be very effective and will definitely put a smile on your face.

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