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Lagos Night Life

Lagos is the most populous State in Nigeria with a large population of about 21.3million  within Lagos metropolitan area,  it is the second largest metropolitan in Africa after Cairo, the city is famous for its economic activity it is considered as the economic center of Nigeria. This is because it is a centre for most economic activities businesses , lmport and export and it is having the largest seaport in Africa.

Lagos in Yoruba is known as Eko,  it is a popular City and a land  opportunities. With almost every tribe in Nigeria represented in Lagos you are sure to find people from the  major tribes which are Hausa  , Yoruba and Igbo as well as people from  the minority tribes who reside in Lagos,  Overtime Lagos has  become a home to everyone even people from foreign tribes and other continents. some of this people were originally indigenes of Lagos while others had  come in search of greener of pastures , to build up business, reside with the family, to work  or  visit the City.

Are you in Lagos for the first time , thinking of going out at Night? You are most likely to have fears and questions  like ,Is Lagos safe at night? What is Lagos like at Night?what  to do in Lagos at Night? Where to go or not to go? Or  how to enjoy Lagos at Night. All these questions will be addressed.

Talking about safety in Lagos,Like any other city in Africa  the safety of the city  depends on alot of factors time, season , location etc but overall You can go out and have so much fun at night and still come home in one piece.

As you read further you will discover just how you can have a fantastic  night in Lagos.

If you are a night owl get ready to have the time of your life because Lagos   is a perfect city for the night life,with so much to look forward to  ranging from fun events and parties ,to sight seeing. The fact is that  You will always find a place or event that suits your personality or preferences whether you prefer a dance all night kind of event or a calm, relaxing atmosphere with  good music , food and  drinks kind or you prefer to just watch the sunset there’s always something for you.All you need to do is  be on the lookout and get the right information. know that it is very unlikely to be bored at night in a city like Lagos. Therefore if you are not having a good night life in Lagos or lacking what to do at night here are  5 things you could do at night while in Lagos.

  1. Shopping : Shopping in Lagos can be fun , because in Lagos there is hardly anything you are looking for that you would not find on sale, So if you have some money to spare, you may want to consider checking out  night markets and shopping malls that operate 24 hours.
  2. Go out for a delicious dinner : You can choose to skip making dinner for that night and  go out to eat something delicious, some of the top chefs in Nigeria are located in Lagos  so you are in for a memorable treat. If you are in company of your spouse or friends  it will also serve a bonding time.
  3. Watch the sunset : For anyone who appreciates nature this will sound exciting, watching the sunset gives a relaxing feeling and it’s always a beautiful sight to behold, you may choose to watch the sunset while on a boat cruise or even sitting in a strategic location.
  4. Attend a Party :No city in Nigeria does parties better than Lagos city, All you need to do is attend the one that suits you, there are always parties and events that will allow you meet people, networking or just have a fun night  with great vibes.
  5. Go site seeing : Lagos is a very beautiful City at night, there are a lot of places you could explore with your love ones some of these places are even more magnificent at night, considering the great lighting and the activities going on around town. Taking a drive around town will give you a beautiful view of the city, you also get to choose a place to hang out and explore fully among the varieties of places you’ve seen while sightseeing.

As much as it is true that there are lots of fun things to do inside it’s important to know that there are certain places you should avoid at night as much as possible. These places are dangerous because of the high rate of criminal such asthat go on in those locations. Such places include Oshodi, Bariga,Ijora ,  Mushin,Agege, Fadeyi, Igabdo,Mile 2, Ajegunle , and  Ikeja This does not stop Lagos from being fun at night . Lagos night life should be explored.

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