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How to Make the Best Out of Your Child’s Summer Holiday in Lagos

The summer holidays are the time where teachers bid farewell to their pupils. Within this period, most teachers hope and believe that the children will not forget what they’ve been taught and hence give them some assignments to go home with. On the other hand it seems to be a nightmare for the parents; especially those who belong to the working class population and cannot be there all the time to attend to the children. A child is anyone who is yet to reach the age of 18. Anyone who is not up to the age of 18 is legally known or regarded as a child. This being said, it is important to identify various suggestions suitable for your child based on their age, ability and interests. Below are some ways you can keep your child busy in Lagos while you go around your daily activities.

1.  Enroll them in a Sports Club: There are different sports clubs for children that are found in Lagos State. Although most of these clubs are for volleyball, basketball and soccer, there are also clubs that encourage the playing of chairs and golf. Sports are good for children as it has been shown to help train the mind and sharpen the brain and skills while keeping fit. Children generally love to play and will definitely find this exciting to join.

2. Vocational Training:

Different bodies and organisations come up with vocational training for children of different age groups during the summer holidays. Children can learn culinary skills, fashion designing, carpentry, hair styling, coding, graphic designing etc. This is very important as it fits into the current situation of Nigeria today. These skills can be a form of income for them whenever they decide to use it.

3. Register them with a Music School: Music is therapeutic to humans. It is a form of artistic expression and can be used for ceremonial purposes or for recreational purposes. Music has been scientifically proven to be of great benefit in Child Development. It sparks all areas of child development and skills that makes the child ready and smart about the learning processes at school and anywhere the child goes to. You can encourage your child to learn a musical instrument or to be a singer

4. Choose a club for the child: children love being around children. There are different children clubs that can be found in Lagos State. It can be religious Club, book club, writers club, art club etc. It is important to observe and know your child before putting a child in a club. Choose the club based on your child’s interest.

5. Have a family time: You can decide to have a family time with the children. This can include going on tour, visiting relations, and even spending quality time at home or in a new environment. Children always want to be around their parents but school and work schedules reduce the bond parents and children share. The summer holiday is a good time to take time off work and to bond properly with the children before they resume school.

6. Have a Home Lesson Session: Home lessons can be done either physically or virtually. For a physical home lesson session, you will need the services of a home tutor to help you with educating your children. For the virtual home lesson session, you can decide to use the services of different apps that can be downloaded from online stores. You can also register your child in an online class or you can decide to use videos downloaded from the internet for the learning process.

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