10 Reasons to Live in the Amazing City of Lagos

Lagos is known to be one of Nigeria’s most exclusive city to live in. The city is densely populated and is very busy with different activities within offices and on the streets. Lagos is also known for its massive traffic jam and troubling traits such as pickpockets and street fight. Regardless of all these, Lagos is still one of the most amazing places you can live within Nigeria. Below are 10 reasons you will love to live in Lagos

1. Job Opportunities

Lagos is the business hub of Nigeria. It has so many entrepreneural businesses alongside federal parastatals. Jobs are easier to find in Lagos depending on one’s skills and certification. Because Lagos is the major economic nerve centre of Nigeria and that of west Africa sub-region, most Industries and business enterprises who have come to invest in Nigeria have their headquarters in Lagos. To this regard, there is a higher probability of you building your career to its peak in Lagos than any other city in Nigeria.

2. Cheap Foods

Food in Lagos can be very cheap if you know the right places to go to. There are markets that provide food for retail selling at wholesale prices. Markets are in almost every centre of Lagos. This cushions the effect of high cost of house rent. Also you can have various types of agricultural produce as different kinds of produce are being brought into Lagos for consumption including imported foods.

3. A Gateway to other countries

Lagos provide an avenue for easy transportation out of Lagos. It is easy to leave the country by air and by land in Lagos. Lagos has a land border which leads to Benin Republic. From Benin Republic, you can travel to different west African countries such as Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Sierra Leone etc. The ease with which people move freely in and out of Lagos by road legally makes business transaction easy and broad.

4. Owambe Parties

No city turns up for a party like Lagos City. They have whatever it takes to make your party lit. They have the halls, unique trendy clothes, assorted kinds of foods, transport systems etc. Lagos weekend party is what is popularly known as Owambe party and is known to be one of the grooviest party worldwide. In this party, people get to wine and dine, dance, and jubilate with family and friends. Lagosians never dull at parties.

5. Access to Quality Education

Lagos City has some of the best primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. Some of these schools are private while some are public. Montessori and music schools are easily found in Lagos as well. There are tetiary institutions available at affordable rates. The schools are reputable and can be seen reflecting through children who have passed through the schools and those who are still in the schools.

6. Fascinating Night Life

Nightlife in Lagos is another world on its own. Lagos has one of the most fascinating and interesting nightlife in Nigeria. The nightlife offers different kinds of shows, parties, relaxation centres, bars, lounges etc. There are so many spots to unwind after the hustling and bustling of the day

7. Local and Urban Markets

There are so many local and urban markets in Lagos. Lagos is the place where you can get whatever you need available in any of the markets and at the same time have a market to sell your own products. Lagos has a population estimated to be about 21 million out of which there is a ready market for almost any product. There is practically nothing you can’t get in Lagos.

8. Delicious Street Foods

Lagos street foods have a very unique flavour that is second to none. There are different popular and delicious street foods such as Suya, kilishi, agege bread, awara, gala, akara, roasted plantain chips, abacha etc.

9. Good Transport Systems

Lagos offers a good transport system. There are different means of transportation in Lagos such as water, road and air transportation. There is also Bus Rapid Transit also known as BRT buses which is available for public use and helps in curtailing the traffic jam. Also, private vehicles can be ordered for through the various apps that offer the services. It is always better to have your change when using these transport systems.

10. Awesome Tourist Attractions

There are so many tourist attraction centres in Lagos such as beaches, hotels, museums, art galleries, bars etc. These places can be explored during the weekends or during the holidays. New places are still evolving which makes Lagos the perfect place for a tour lifestyle

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